DEXNIFTY Presale Goes Live Today 26th April 2021 at 12PM UTC

DEXNIFTY is the first truly and fully community owned decentralized NFT platform/ marketplace, that supports Ethereum Blockchain and Binance Smart Chain.

👌Presale Guide .👌
1)Mobile: fund your wallet with BNB,load website via dapp browser on TRUSTWALLET,change network to Binance Smart Chain,click “connect” button,input the amount you want to buy,click “Buy Presale”,confirm your transaction.
Wait few seconds for confirmation
2) Desktop: Instal Binance smart chain extension on either Google chrome or brave browser.

Note: Token sales will support Binance Coins due to low transaction fee

Dexnifty Token Address:

DexNifty Presale on the 26th of April 2021

Dexnifty Launches its Presale on the 26th April 2021, Using the Binance Smart Chain. Presale goes live at exactly 12Pm UTC.

1BNB= 1428 DNFT tokens.

Get ready to be apart of one of the Biggest Presale of 2021.

all You have to do is get a binance smart chain wallet using either Trustwallet (mobile) or instal a Binance Smart Chain extension browser on either brave browser or Google Chrome

Dexnifty is giving opportunities for Members to have Unique Dexnifty National communities on social media.

For Your National community Telegram group to be approved, You must have atleast 2000 active members/Followers on your telegram group or twitter.

Community leaders will earn some Dexnifty tokens daily/weekly basis.

once you have achieved this requirements please send us an email at:

or contact our telegram admin: @ericmu


  1. Visit Our Site Dexnifty.Com
  2. Click On Connect Wallet
  3. Connect With Your Bsc Wallet, If You Are Using a Mobile device make use of Trust Wallet , Switch Network To Binance Smart Chain. for Desktop Please use Binance Smart Chain Extension for Google Chrome or Brave browser.
  4. Once Wallet Is Connected, Please Input The Amount Of BNB You Wish To Spend.
  5. Please Confirm Transfer And You Are Done
  6. Immediately the transaction is confirmed you get credited your DNFT tokens on your dashboard.
  7. Minimum buy= 0.01BNB, Maximum buy= 50BNB.

For iphone users that can’t see…


60% of presale funds raised would go to create liquidity on PancakeSwap

20% would be locked for 8 months and handed over to the DAO

Only to be released based on governance

20% would be used for platform development and marketing


Once The Presale Time Elapses

50% Unsold Tokens Would Be Burnt

The Other 50% Would Be Used To Provide Liquidity On Pancakeswap 24hrs After Presale


All team tokens would be locked for a period of 1 year (no team member would be able to sell or dump tokens)

DNFT tokens will be made available for trading on PANCAKESWAP.

The DNFT CONTRACT ADDRESS will be made available on all Dexnifty Official Channels.

DEXNIFTY will enable users to mint, sell or buy any form of NFTS on the platform.

We believe that DNFT token will be one of the most valuable and most sort after token among all existing DAO projects and NFT projects because of its major use cases listed below.

Features of DNFT token

Governance: Holders of DNFT tokens will be able to vote for all kinds of changes that will take place on the platform

Some voting might require committing DNFT tokens to a created pool while some might not.

Changing the very basic features and committing DNFT tokens to…


Why DEXNIFTY Community?

The conventional NFT platforms that we are familiar with are built on centralised authorities. Even when they say it is decentralized, it isn’t. The blockchain enabling NFTs might be decentralized but the people managing the NFT platforms determine what goes in and out of the platform.

With DEXNIFTY the community enthrones leaders and dethrones leaders. The community votes on everything.

And this is why DEXNIFTY is not only a centralized NFT platform but a fully DeFi-nized community. For the people, By the people.


By joining DEXNIFTY community, you have access to the DEXNIFTY DAO…


DEXNIFTY is the first truly and fully community owned decentralized NFT platform/ marketplace, built on Binance Smart Chain

Token = DNFT

Airdrop = 10 DNFT

Dexnifty is offering 1,000 users an opportunity to be part of the Dexnifty community.

This airdrop is a welcome package into Dexnifty’s decentralized, transparent and community-governed ecosystem.

Simply complete the following community task and fill the form to get started

📢 Airdrop Rules

✏️ ️Mandatory Tasks:

1)Join our telegram chat:

2) Follow our Twitter page and retweet pinned post:

and Please mention 5 friends

3)Follow us on Medium:

4) Submit your Ethereum wallet address(ERC20)

You need to complete all task to receive the rewards

Airdrop Link:

Disclaimer: We have not announced any token distribution plans or presale at the moment Any listed DNFT tokens on uniswap or other exchange/dex’s are FAKE.

Anonymous doesn’t mean cowardice. The great Satoshi Nakamoto understood the concept and power of using anonymous symbolism as a method of emboldening a movement.

We are not Dexnifty, we are the creators of Dexnifty, and Dexnifty is everyone who decides to join the community.

Before we give extensive reasons why we must remain anonymous, here is a reason why Dexnifty is a must join community.

DEXNIFTY is the first and only, truly and fully community owned decentralized NFT platform/marketplace built on Binance Smart Chain

The idea was conceived due to the lack of a non-policed DAO NFT platform that also…

DEXNIFTY is the first truly and fully community owned decentralized NFT platform/marketplace built on ethereum NFTs to the world



DEXNIFTY is the rst fully decentralized NFT platform/marketplace built to support both Binance and Ethereum Blockchain. Telegram:

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